Partnership with Specialist Health Promotion Service Continues

Journal of Human Nutrition and Dietetics CoverA long-standing partnership between the HART team and North East Lincolnshire’s Specialist Health Promotion Service has been blossoming. Both HART team members and the Local Authority based unit have worked together in the past and are no producing published research and continuing consultancy. Articles have appeared in the and Health Promotion International and Journal of Human Nutrition and Dietetics in recent months which highlight challenges as a service in attempting to tackle the ever pressing obesity epidemic in the community and remit of improving food education and promotion in local schools. Indeed, the work of the service, which has been rewarded major acclaim by the Royal Society of Public Health in 2009, is high regarded for its innovation and spread of activities to challenge the most difficult population health problems (inactivity, smoking, alcohol, sexual health etc.) and long-term conditions (obesity, CVD etc.). Recently, HART team member Geoff Middleton delivered training on planning interventions in health promotion and has been consulting on various community projects on their conception, implementation and evaluation components. As the link between the two organisations grows, a further publication has been recently accepted with the International Journal of Sport Psychology regarding green-exercise and mental health outcomes. Further partnership work and collaboration between the services are in the pipeline in the coming years with emphasis on Cardiac Rehabilitation services and experiences of patients and mental health initiatives… this space!

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