HART Team Evaluates the Lincolnshire ‘Workplace Challenge.’

Alice Carter
Alice Carter, member of the HART Postgraduate team

This month sees the launch of the Lincolnshire ‘Workplace Challenge’ (WPC). The WPC programme utilises a website resource designed to engage people in employment within local workplaces in physical activity and sport. Employees self-record their physical activity over an eight week period online, with points awarded on the programme website for activity completed. The programme seeks to promote a peer-challenge culture with the provision of online leader boards and an interactive virtual platform with which to track individual and team progress and to promote competition within and between workplaces.

Several members of the HART team will evaluate the programme. Postgraduate student Alice Carter is tasked with completing the data collection for the evaluation in a team which includes Adam Evans, Dan Bishop and Geoff Middleton. Alice will be utilising a figurational framework to investigate how networks of real and virtual relationships operating at all levels of service delivery influence programme uptake, participant engagement and programme efficacy.

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