New HART Research Commences

The Meaning of Breathing, by Helen Owton

New HART research has been funded which aims to undertake an exploratory, phenomenological investigation into sportspeople and serious exercisers’ lived experience of asthma and asthma self-care. The project website can be found here. A number of HART team members will contribute to the project, including Dr. Jacquelyn Allen-Collinson, Dr. Lee Crust, Dr. Adam Evans and Rachel Williams. The team also includes associate members Dr. Helen Owton of De Montfort University and Professor Niro Siriwardena from the University of Lincoln School of Health and Social Care. The project aims to achieve several objectives, including;

  1. To identify factors influencing participants’ adherence to asthma treatments and self-care prescribed by healthcare professionals.
  2. To analyse and understand how the lived experience of asthma might impact upon individuals’ engagement with prescribed asthma treatments and self-care.
  3. To enhance GPs’ and other healthcare professionals’ understanding of the lived experience of asthma from the perspective of patients, so as to promote the provision of more targeted and appropriate treatments and self-care plans.
  4. To contribute knowledge to help improve the health and wellbeing of asthma sufferers.

Further updates will follow as the research progresses. 

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