New HART paper: Non-disabled secondary school children’s lived experiences of a wheelchair basketball programme delivered in the East of England.

This week saw the publication of HART research related to Disability sport, which can be found here. The sociological study formed part of an MSc by research degree completed by Jonathan Bright and supervised by Adam Evans and Lindsay Brown at the University of Lincoln. Guided by Bourdieu’s conceptual framework, the research focused upon the embodied, lived experiences of non-disabled secondary school pupil’s experiences of a wheelchair basketball programme delivered during normal P.E. sessions over a 12 week period. Interview data from 24 participants coupled with observation data gathered throughout the programme highlighted how participants initially negative and stereotypical views about people with physical disabilities were challenged by their participation in wheelchair basketball sessions. Participants increasingly came to view physically disabled individuals as capable and talented athletes as the challenging nature of wheelchair basketball became clear. Key findings from the research will be presented at the 2013 European Sociological Association Conference in Turin this August.

Non Disabled Research

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