New HART publication on Autoethnography

429_tnHART member, Dr Jacquelyn Allen-Collinson has written a chapter for the recently published, prestigious Handbook of Autoethnography, edited by key autoethnographic writers. In many ways, autoethnography represents a challenge to some of the very foundations and key tenets of much social science research in its exhortation explicitly to situate and “write in” the researcher as a key player—often the key player—within a research project or account. Despite its burgeoning popularity, increasing sophistication and sustained challenge to more orthodox forms of qualitative research, there are those who view autoethnography’s focus on “self” with deep suspicion and scepticism.  This chapter explores some of the key issues confronting autoethnographers. you can find details on the book here.

The full reference for the chapter is: 

Allen-Collinson, J (2013) Autoethnography as the engagement of self/other, self/culture, self/politics, selves/futures, in S Holman Jones, T E Adams & C Ellis (eds), Handbook of Autoethnography. Walnut Creek, CA: Left Coast Press, 281-299.

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