New Chapter by HART team to be published

NOVA Publishers

A Chapter written by several HART team members has been accepted for publication in a forthcoming book which outlines the impact of parental support on children’s eating behaviour in schools. The chapter, written by Geoff Middleton, Adam Evans, Dan Bishop, Donna Evans and Associate team member Dr. Richard Keegan of the University of Canberra, is due to be published by NOVA. The chapter focuses upon the role of schools in establishing healthy eating habits, and outlines the complex relationships between stakeholders such as parents and teachers in initiating healthy eating programmes in the school setting.  The chapter outlines how stakeholder input and relations are key parts of planning, implementing and evaluating complex health promotion and education programs in schools. The philosophical principles behind parent and teacher integration into formal programme evaluation are also discussed, providing a theoretical basis for further study. Finally, recommendations are made for policy makers, researchers and professional evaluation experts’ to consider and integrate these stakeholders in future programs.

The paper is due to be published in the near future, and a preliminary version can be found here. The full reference of is as follows:

Middleton, G., Evans, A.B., Keegan, R.J., Bishop, D. & Evans D (2013). The Importance of Parents and Teachers as Stakeholders in School-Based Healthy Eating Programs. In Larock, Y.B., Gustave, D.C. (2013) Health Education: Parental and Educators’ Perspectives, Current Practices and Needs Assessment. NY, USA: Nova Science Publishers. ISBN 978-1-62948-206-4 (In Press).


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