New HART paper published

Mentro 1HART researchers, Dr Jacquelyn Allen-Collinson & Dr Aspasia Leledaki (HART Associate) have just published an article in Leisure Studies on their 2-year ethnographic research funded by Sport Wales. The research evaluated the Welsh national physical activity programme, ‘Mentro Allan’, across 14 different ethnographic sites, where a vast range of different activities was offered in order to increase physical activity levels in specific target groups of more sedentary adults and children.

The article focuses upon the sensory dimension of participants’ engagement with physical activity in the ‘natural’ outdoor environments of Wales and is based on interviews with 68 participants on the Mentro Allan scheme. The analytic focus is upon the visual and haptic (relating to touch) dimensions of participation in organised outdoor activities, including experiences of ‘intense embodiment’, where participants reported vividly and evocatiavely their encounters with the elements. The online version of the article is available on the publisher’s website:

Allen-Collinson, J and Leledaki, A (2014 in press) Sensing the outdoors: a visual and haptic phenomenology of outdoor exercise embodiment, Leisure Studies.

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