Further HART presentations

Summer is always a busy time for the HART team, particularly in relation to research. This September, several of the HART team successfully presented their research at international and national academic conferences including the 4th International Conference on Qualitative Research in Sport and Exercise (QRSE) at Loughborough University and the ‘Sporting females’ conference at Leeds Metropolitan University, both in September.

Adam QRSESeveral HART presentations were made at QRSE, including an oral presentation by Dr. Adam Evans, who outlined findings from sociological work in cardiac rehabilitation that was recently published in Qualitative Research in Sport, Exercise and Health Journal. The work highlights the interdependent nature of participants’ experiences of rehabilitation from a figurational perspective. The full published paper can be found here.

Alice QRSEAlice Carter also completed a poster presentation on her MSc research, which focused upon the Lincolnshire Workplace Challenge. Alice took a figurational standpoint to look at participants’ experiences of the programme and the interdependent relationships formed both virtually and in embodied terms.

Finally, Rachel Williams completed oral presentations at both QRSE and Sporting Females, outlining her MSc work on Post-Partum Mothers’ experiences of aquatic leisure with their children. Rachel’s presentation represents the latest part of ongoing HART research into embodiment in aquatic physical activity by examining the intercorporeality of swimming with a family and its impact on gendered identities. Previous work in this area was completed by Dr. Adam Evans and Dr. Jacquelyn Allen-Collinson and will shortly be published in Leisure Studies Journal. Further updates to follow!

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