New HART Publication: Mediterranean Diet

S00262862HART member, Geoff Middleton worked alongside two former colleagues Markos Klonizakis and Ahmad Alkhabit (Sheffield Hallam University) to produce a further publication in Microvascular Research Journal. The paper presents data from a small intervention trial studying the effects of the Mediterranean diet and exercise on the efficiency of the microcirculatory system in older adults. This new article explores the long-term physiological changes in the same group of research participants, one year on after initially attempting and completing an 8-week dietary and a moderate intensity exercise regime. You can find details of the publication here.

The full reference for the chapter is:

Klonizakis, M., Alkhabit, A., Middleton, G. (2014) Long-term effects of an exercise and Mediterranean diet intervention in the vascular function of an older, healthy population. Microvascular Research, 95. pp. 103-107. ISSN: 0026-2862.

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