New HART publications

IRSS Journal CoverThis week has seen the publication of two articles by HART researchers, Dr Jacquelyn Allen-Collinson and Dr Helen Owton (Associate member) of De Montfort University, based on their research into the lived experience of asthma amongst sports participants.

‘Take a deep breath: asthma, sporting embodiment, the senses and auditory work was published in the October issue of the International Review for the Sociology of Sport, which can be found here. The paper focuses upon the nuanced ways in which sportspeople with asthma ‘listen to’ their bodies, making fine corporeal adjustments.

‘Conformers, contesters, creators: vignettes of asthma identities and sporting embodiment’ was also published in the ‘early on-line’ format by International Review for the Sociology of Sport  here.  This paper takes a phenomenologically-inspired approach to investigating different ways of being with asthma in the sporting world. The findings are communicated through vignettes, assembled from participants’ accounts, in order to highlight the multifaceted and multilayered voices of sportspeople with asthma and bring to life their lived experience of this chronic condition.

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