HART at Social Science Research Showcase

Rachel ResearchShowcase-15HART researchers, Ms Rachel Williams and Prof Jacquelyn Allen-Collinson, alongside Dr Alkisti Olympiou from the MTOUGH research group, were recently involved in the University’s Social Science Research Showcase event in early July.  Rachel presented her doctoral research on Physical activity, ageing and embodiment: investigating contested memories of being a physically active older adult, whilst Jacquelyn presented HART research on Making sense of asthma: lived ‘dys-ease’ and the role of auditory attunement.  This research forms part of an ongoing research programme, currently involving HART colleagues, Dr Lee Crust (also MTOUGH), Prof Niro Siriwardena (CaHRU), Dr Helen Owton (The Open University), and Dr Adam Evans (University of Copenhagen). A recent paper, published in Chest journal, on ‘Using a narrative approach in clinical practice to facilitate change in asthma patients’, by Dr Owton and Professors Allen-Collinson and Siriwardena can be accessed via PubMed here.

About Prof Jacquelyn Allen-Collinson

Professor in Sociology & Physical Culture, and Director, Health Advancement Research Team (HART) in the School of Sport & Exercise Science at the University of Lincoln.

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