New HART member, Dr Hanya Pielichaty

HanyaA warm welcome to new HART member, Dr Hanya Pielichaty, Principal Lecturer in the Lincoln International Business School and Programme Leader for BA (Hons) Sports Business Management. Hanya’s research focuses on the relationship between sport, gender and family, in and around football spaces. In particular, she is interested in how girls and women construct a sense of self through participation, and how this impacts upon gendered understanding and social relationships. Hanya’s own playing ‘career’ spans over 20 years and she draws on her ‘insider’ position to understand the research environment within which she is situated. Her doctoral research was supervised by Professor Heather Hughes HART’s Professor Jacquelyn Allen-Collinson.

About Prof Jacquelyn Allen-Collinson

Professor in Sociology & Physical Culture, and Director, Health Advancement Research Team (HART) in the School of Sport & Exercise Science at the University of Lincoln.

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