HART members share their expertise and experience by providing consultancy services to businesses and organisations to help them grow and thrive. This can include transferring sector-specific information to aid product development through to evaluation of its effectiveness.

Previous consultancy conducted by HART members can be found below.


Swim for HealthSwim for Health

Funded by the Department of Health
Dr. Adam Evans
& Mike Sleap
‘Swim for Health’ was a multi-partner aquatic physical activity intervention run by the Amateur Swimming Association in Hull and the East Riding of Yorkshire between 2005-9 and funded by the Department of Health. The project sought to increase participation in aquatic activities among older adults, people with specific health needs, pre-school aged children and their families and people in full time employment. Several publications have been forthcoming including an interim report of the first year and a forthcoming peer reviewed article in the International Journal of Aquatic Research and Education.

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Evaluation of the Obesity Prevention Scheme in North East Lincolnshire

Geoff MiddletonHannah Henderson and Donna Evans
An in-depth qualitative evaluation was conducted exploring stakeholders’ views to the underlying mechanisms behind implementation of a large multi-setting and level anti-obesity primary prevention programme. The findings had a substantial impact on the programme; recruitment at senior and ground level, appointment of a strategic lead, staff training and the creation of communication and marketing policies.

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Mentro Allan/Venture Out Report CoverLived Experiences of Physical Activity in Outdoor Environments

Funded by Sport Wales (formerly Sports Council for Wales)
Dr Jacquelyn Allen-Collinson, Nigel Curry, Aspasia Leledaki and Michael Clark
The aim of the research project was to evaluate a national physical activity programme, across 14 specific schemes based in different areas of Wales. The multi-institutional and multidisciplinary research team examined whether, and in what ways, the ‘Mentro Allan’ Programme was successful in increasing and sustaining increased physical activity levels amongst target groups of relatively inactive people in Wales, using the ‘natural’ outdoor environment. An in-depth qualitative approach was adopted, including an ethnographic study of 6 specific projects, involving in-depth participant observation with the range of physical activities undertaken by the activity groups.

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Lincolnshire School Wheelchair SportsLincolnshire School Wheelchair Sports

Funded by the Lincolnshire Sports Partnership
Jonathan Bright, Lindsay Brown and Dr. Adam Evans. 

The School wheelchair sports intervention was implemented by the Lincolnshire Sports Partnership. The intervention gave schools access to wheelchair basketball equipment and specialist coaches who delivered wheelchair basketball in normal school PE lessons for both disabled and non-disabled children. Evaluation of the project demonstrated that the intervention had a significant impact on participants’ perceptions of physical disability. Further details can be obtained on request from Dr. Adam Evans.

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logo trio play4 lifePlay4Life Evaluation

Funded by the Lincolnshire Sports Partnership, Children’s Links and the Health & Well-Being Fund.
Dan Bishop
 and Hannah Henderson

This was an indepth evaluation examining the success of the Play4Life intiative. The evaluation comprised pre- and post- training course quantitative questionnaires in addition to qualitative research investigating the experiences of both parents and practitioners who accessed the initiative. Since completion of the evaluation, Children’s Links have used the findings to develop a further round of courses. HART is continuing to support this work by providing further evaluation

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Evaluation of the Food for Fitness Team in North East LincolnshireEvaluation of the Food for Fitness Team in North East Lincolnshire

Funded by the North East Lincolnshire Care Trust Plus.
Geoff Middleton
Hannah Henderson and Richard Keegan

An in-depth qualitative evaluation was conducted exploring stakeholders’ views to the underlying mechanisms behind implementation of a primary and secondary school-based food service team which provide administration and delivery of breakfast clubs, catering arrangements, cookery courses, school food policies and curriculum changes to promote healthy eating.  Since the evaluation, the service has developed and continues to work across North East Lincolnshire securing further work with local primary, state secondary schools and academies.

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Under 16s’ Swim4Life Evaluation

Funded by the Lincolnshire Sports Partnership and the Health & Well-Being Fund.
Dan BishopHannah Henderson and Donna Evans
This was an evaluation that examined the success of the Lincolnshire 16-and-under Free Swimming initiative which provided practical opportunities to support work in halting the rise in childhood obesity, a major area of work for NHS Lincolnshire. The use of questionnaires, focus groups and interviews were employed to explore and evaluate individual experiences and attitudes of under 16s and their parents towards the initiative.

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