Staff Members


Dr Hannah Henderson  Associate Professor in Health and Exercise Science in the School of Sport and Exercise Science, and Director of HART, Hannah is an applied practitioner with experience of delivering community physical activity programmes. Her research focuses on the design, implementation and evaluation of health promotion programmes, for a variety of populations, and creating meaningful impact.
Dr Patricia Jackman

HART Staff

Associate Professor in Sport and Exercise Psychology, and Lead for the Lincoln Sport and Exercise Psychology Group Trish’s research focuses on understanding how to promote optimal experiences in sport, exercise, and physical activity, with a particular interest in the concepts of flow, clutch performance, affect, and goal setting. Additionally, she has lead projects examining psychological wellbeing in doctoral education and occupational contexts.

Prof Jacquelyn Allen-Collinson

Professor Emerita in Sociology & Physical Cultures in the College of Social Science, and former Director of HART, Jacquelyn’s research coheres around the sociology of the body, physical cultures and sport, and the social interactional, embodied, and sensory aspects of participation in these domains. With colleagues, she has been interested in advancing the nexus of sociology and phenomenology, particularly in relation to researching the lived experience of sporting embodiment. She continues her involvement with research projects, publications and doctoral students at the University of Lincoln.

Dr Matt Bird

Lecturer in Sport and Exercise Psychology in the School of Sport and Exercise Science, Matt’s research focusses on understanding and reducing stigma towards mental health and mental health help-seeking among athletes and university students. He is also interested in evaluating the effectiveness of applied sport psychology interventions implemented with sport performers. Matt is a member of the Lincoln Sport and Exercise Psychology Group.

Dr Joanna Blackwell

Research Associate in the School of Health and Social Care and Lincoln International Institute for Rural Health. With themes related to health, illness, and physical activity, Jo’s research involves collaboration with School of Sport and Exercise Science colleagues. Jo completed her PhD jointly with the School of Sport and Exercise Science, and the Department of Nutrition, Exercise and Sport at the University of Copenhagen, her thesis was entitled Socio-cultural influences on exercise and health along the cardiac patient journey: A Bourdieusian perspective. In November 2022 Jo will take up a Mildred Blaxter postdoctoral fellowship awarded by the Foundation for the Sociology of Health and Illness.

Mrs Georgia Clay

Associate Lecturer in the School of Sport and Exercise Science, and doctoral student within the School and the Department of Nutrition, Exercise and Sports at the University of Copenhagen, Georgia’s PhD focusses on physical activity and exercise for ageing stroke survivors in a community rehabilitation setting. Her PhD aims to explore the above through a figurational lens, thus taking a qualitative, sociological approach. She is supervised by Dr Hannah Henderson, Dr Adam B. Evans, and Professor Jacquelyn Allen-Collinson as a dual studentship between the two universities. Georgia’s overall research interests include the relationship between health, physical activity, and exercise, ageing, wellbeing, and the evaluation of health-related programmes and policy.

Professor Nigel Curry                                                                                            

Visiting Professor in Community Food Systems, based in HART and the School of Sport & Exercise Science, Nigel was formerly Pro Vice-Chancellor at the University of Gloucestershire. He has a particular interest in community health promotion specialising in the physical and mental health benefits of community food growing and the community development of healthy diets. He founded the Greater Lincolnshire Food Partnership and has chaired Public Health England’s regional food board Good Food East Midlands.  He was awarded an Honorary Doctorate in 2021 by Bishop Grosseteste University for his community development work in Lincolnshire.

Miss Rebecca Hawkins 

Lecturer in Sport and Exercise Psychology in the School of Sport and Exercise Science, Rebecca’s work considers the effectiveness of interventions and guidance for health-enhancing physical activity. Specifically, her research examines psychological outcomes associated with the commonly employed strategy of goal setting for the purposes of physical activity promotion. Rebecca is also involved in projects examining optimal experiences in sport and exercise, and is interested more broadly in challenging current practices and recommendations within the physical activity domain. Rebecca is a member of the Lincoln Sport and Exercise Psychology Group.

Dr Rebecca Jones

Senior Lecturer in Physical Activity and Health. Rebecca’s research focuses on assessing and enhancing physical and cognitive performance, musculoskeletal function and quality of life through nutritional intervention strategies in both children and adults. Rebecca is also a BASES Accredited Sport and Exercise Scientist (Research and Exercise Physiology) and UK Anti-Doping (UKAD) Accredited Advisor.

Dr Daniel Martin

Lecturer in Exercise Physiology in the School of Sport and Exercise Science, Dan’s research primarily focuses on female health and performance. He is interested in the impact of reproductive hormones and different reproductive hormone profiles on factors such as bone health, physical performance and cognitive function.

Mr Geoff Middleton

Associate Professor, with direct experience of administration of, delivering and monitoring health promotion programmes relating to physical activity and nutrition in multi-setting environments. Geoff’s former roles for HART include director and secretary.

Dr Hanya Pielichaty

Associate Professor in the Lincoln International Business School and Programme Leader for BA (Hons) Sports Business Management. Hanya’s research focuses on the relationship between sport, gender and family, in and around football spaces. In particular, Hanya is interested in how girls and women construct a sense of self through participation and how this impacts upon gender understanding and social relationships. Hanya’s own playing ‘career’ spans over 20 years and she utilises this ‘insider’ position to understand the research environment.

Dr Donna Windard

Senior Lecturer in the School of Sport and Exercise Science, Donna’s previous research has involved theDonna evaluation of community and school-based initiatives on increasing physical activity in young people. Her current research focuses on the evaluation of health and exercise programmes, for a variety of populations.