Workshops and Training Provision

HART members are able to deliver workshops and training to organisations and groups, which are tailored to suit client needs. We can cater for a full range of topics related to health, nutrition and exercise science. The delivery is interactive and looks to place the attendees in a position to gain new skills and further knowledge in the field.

Examples of workshops and training opportunities are provided below:

  • Health Trainers’ and exercise/physical activity prescription
  • Health assessment and feedback
  • Nutrition for health
  • Physical activity prescription and monitoring
  • Modifiable health conditions
  • Exercise prescription for disease states
  • Behaviour change models and theory
  • Engaging and supporting clients and/or patients
  • Health promotion and improvement
  • Health programme evaluation and planning
  • Physical activity and the lived experience
  • ‘Real-world’ research methodology for social interventions.

HART can tailor to individual or organisational requirements. Normally, attendees from any HART led workshop or training event will receive a certificate of attendance and where appropriate any form of skill assessment from the University of Lincoln to acknowledge their learning and continued professional development.