Research Students

HART members offer research supervision for PhD, MPhil and MSc by Research in a wide range of topics related to their research interests. If you are interested in applying to undertake research study with us, in the first instance please contact the member of staff with research interests appropriate to your own proposed study. We also co-supervise students at other universities, and in other Schools within the University of Lincoln. HART’s past doctoral and MSc by Research students are listed below, with most recent completions listed first.

For details of the full range of postgraduate degrees offered by the School of Sport & Exercise Sciences, please see:

Current Students

Mrs Joanna Blackwell

Associate Lecturer and doctoral student with the School of Sport and Exercise Science, and the University of Copenhagen, NEXS, Joanna’s PhD focuses on the ‘Sociology of ageing, exercise and cardiac rehabilitation’, and is supervised by Dr Hannah Henderson, Professor Jacquelyn Allen-Collinson and Dr Adam Evans (Copenhagen) as a Dual Studentship between the Universities of Lincoln and Copenhagen.

Miss Georgia Clay

Associate Lecturer in the School of Sport and Exercise Science, and doctoral student with the School and the University of Copenhagen, Georgia’s PhD focuses on the ‘Sociology of ageing, exercise and stroke rehabilitation’, supervised by Dr Hannah Henderson, Professor Jacquelyn Allen-Collinson and Dr Adam Evans (Copenhagen) as a Dual Studentship between the University of Lincoln and the University of Copenhagen. Georgia’s previous research has focussed on physical and psychological wellbeing, behaviourinterventions and evaluation in a health and exercise setting.

Miss Rebecca Hawkins 

Lecturer in Sport and Exercise Psychology in the School of Sport and Exercise Science, Rebecca’s work considers the effectiveness of interventions and guidance for health-enhancing physical activity. Specifically, her research examines psychological outcomes associated with the commonly employed strategy of goal setting for the purposes of physical activity promotion. Rebecca is also involved in projects examining optimal experiences in sport and exercise, and is interested more broadly in challenging current practices and recommendations within the physical activity domain. Rebecca is a member of the Lincoln Sport and Exercise Psychology Group.

Past Students

Gareth McNarry (PhD 2020) 

‘Sporting embodiment, sociological-phenomenology, and the senses in competitive swimming.’ Supervised by: Prof Jacquelyn Allen-Collinson and Dr Adam Evans (Copenhagen), as a Dual Studentship with the University of Copenhagen.

Bethan Sullivan (MSc by research 2019)

‘Gender differences in the Men’s 2014 and Women’s 2015 Football World Cups: Inequalities within the commentary box.’ Supervised by: Dr Nik Dickerson and Dr Donna Windard.

Robyn Hambrook (MSc by Research 2017)

‘Exploring the new participant experience and effect of the Lincolnshire’s Vitality Programme and one-to-one services.’ Supervised by: Mr Geoff Middleton and Dr Dan Bishop.

Hannah Henderson (PhD 2017)

‘Evaluation of Exercise Referral Scheme design and delivery in the Lincolnshire area.’ Supervised by: Prof Niro Siriwardena (Health & Social Care), Dr Adam Evans (University of Copenhagen), and Prof Jacquelyn Allen-Collinson

Rachel Williams (PhD 2017)

‘Physical activity, ageing and embodiment: The examination of a figuration of retired older men who previously served in the British Armed Forces.’ Supervised by: Prof Jacquelyn Allen-Collinson, Prof Jacqui Briggs, and Dr Adam Evans (University of Copenhagen).

Natalie Cooper (MSc by Research 2017)

‘Narratives of physical activity amongst Cancer Patients.’ Supervised by:  Dr Donna Windard, Dr Hannah Henderson and Dr Adam Evans (University of Copenhagen).

 Alice Carter (Msc by Research 2015)
Evaluation of the Lincolnshire Sports Partnership ‘Workplace Challenge’ programme.’ Supervised by: Dr Adam Evans, Mr Geoff Middleton and Dr Daniel Bishop
Stacey Mitchell (MSc by Research 2015)

‘An ethnographic study of women’s perceived barriers to golf participation.’ Supervised by: Dr Adam Evans and Prof Jacquelyn Allen-Collinson

Alex Pickerden (MSc by research 2015)

The politics of education reform: Using critical discourse analysis to understand the policy intentions of the Coalition Government’s Academies Programme. Supervised by: Dr David Piggott and Donna Evans

Daniel Connolly (MSc by Research 2014) 

‘An Ethnographic Study of FE students’ career development choices.’ Supervised by: Dr Adam Evans and Prof Jacquelyn Allen-Collinson

Jonathan L. Bright (MSc by Research 2012)

Evaluation of the Lincolnshire County Sports Partnership ‘School Wheelchair Project’ Supervised by: Dr Adam Evans and Mr Lindsay Brown