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wheelchair-2 (2)A paper produced through collaboration between HART, the School of Computer Science at the University of Lincoln and University College, Cork, was given a ‘best paper’ award by the organisers of the CHI 2016 conference, which showcases the best research in the field of human-computer interaction. Only 1% of papers were given this award, out of a total of 2,300 submitted this year.

The paper, led by Dr. Kathrin Gerling of the School of Computer Science at Lincoln with contributions by Dr. Adam Evans of HART, focused upon how  young people using powered wheelchairs could contribute to the development of new technologies to enable them to take part in leisure gaming. The paper demonstrated how, despite challenges in ensuring game accessibility, the integration of movement within games, and accounting for the wide diversity of abilities and preferred representation of disability in games amongst participants, movement-based playful experiences are engaging for young people using powered wheelchairs. The paper also explores ways to address these challenges in the development of accessible, empowering movement-based games. The CHI 2016 conference is set to take place in San Jose, California 7-12 May 2016.

About Prof Jacquelyn Allen-Collinson

Professor in Sociology & Physical Culture, Director of HART, University of Lincoln.

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