HART Professor’s Inaugural Lecture

Prof J Allen-CollinsonProfessor Jacquelyn Allen-Collinson, Professor in Sociology & Physical Culture and Director of HART in the School of Sport & Exercise Science gave her professorial inaugural lecture on 3 May, after being awarded a chair at Lincoln in Summer 2016.  Her public lecture at the University of Lincoln focused upon the linkage between the autobiographical / autoethnographic and our research interests and projects.  She also discussed the challenges (and pleasures) of developing the sometimes uneasy nexus of sociology and social phenomenology.  Selecting three of her key sociological research themes for illustrative purposes, Jacquelyn charted some of her research on: identity and ‘identity work’ in occupational cultures in higher education; the lived experience of asthma and sporting embodiment; and her most recent research on the sociology of the senses in physical cultures.

About Prof Jacquelyn Allen-Collinson

Professor in Sociology & Physical Culture, Director of HART, University of Lincoln.

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