Lincoln Whole-City Food Strategy: launch

Karen Lee & Nige food stratThe Lincoln City Food Strategy launches on Friday 29 September 2017. Triggered by research undertaken by members of HART, the Strategy aims to link a wide range of City food activities and at the same time tackle problems of food security, the environment, food waste, food poverty and obesity – by reconnecting people with food. The Strategy conceptualises food as a system, where all parts of the food chain – from growing, and distribution to retail, preparing and eating – are joined up and ‘feed’ off each other, to provide multiple benefits. The Strategy has already gained the City of Lincoln ‘Sustainable Food City’ status because of the way individual projects are linking up and are tackling several objectives at the same time.

The Strategy has 25 specific proposals. Turning non-edible waste food into energy is high on the agenda. An urban community bio-gas plant could provide public buildings with renewable gas. The Green Synergy growing area, next to the hospital, could provide fresh fruit, vegetables and salads, a priority in the NHS Sustainability Transformation Plans.

Lincoln’s MP, Karen Lee, is due to open the launch event, at the conference centre of the Alive Church in Lincoln. Delegates at the launch will discuss ways of developing the whole food system of the City through working together. The Chair of the City Council, Cllr Rick Metcalfe, is to close the event, and lunch will be provided by Mint Lane Café, a local ‘rescue cafe’ that uses supermarket surplus food.

The Strategy itself can be viewed here.  A copy of the full press release can be accessed here: Press release (1)

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Professor in Sociology & Physical Culture, Director of HART, University of Lincoln.

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