High-altitude Mountaineering Multi-disciplinary Research

In recent years, members of MTOUGH and HART have been working in an exciting research collaboration in a multi-disciplinary and phenomenologically-oriented series of research projects on high-altitude mountaineering, involving in-depth interviews with élite mountaineers across the globe. From a sport psychology perspective, and led by Dr Lee Crust and Dr Christian Swann, we have published articles on mental toughness in relation to: decision-making, responses to mountaineering disasters such as avalanches and an earthquake, and behaviours whilst on expedition. Most recent work has involved focusing our analytic attention on the sociological-phenomenological lifeworld of high-altitude mountaineers, from which we have published two sociological articles on embodiment, led by Professor Jacquelyn Allen-Collinson, on: 1) endurance and ‘endurance work’ (published in Sociology); and 2) the sensory dimension of lived weather and ‘weather work’ (in Body & Society). A free authors’ version of the article on endurance can be found in the University repository here.

Allen-Collinson, J, Crust, L and Swann, C (2018) ‘Endurance work’: embodiment and the mind-body nexus in the physical culture of high-altitude mountaineering, Sociology, 52 (6): 1324-1341.

Allen-Collinson, J, Crust, L and Swann, C (2018) Embodiment in high-altitude mountaineering: Sensing and working with the weather work, Body & Society. Online early.

About Prof Jacquelyn Allen-Collinson

Professor in Sociology & Physical Culture, Director of HART, University of Lincoln.

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