LSEP Hosts Visiting Spanish Researcher: Miguel Ángel López Gajardo (ACAFYDE Research Group, University of Extremadura, Spain)

Over the last three months, Lincoln Sport and Exercise Psychology Research (LSEP) has been delighted to host Miguel Ángel López Gajardo from the ACAFYDE Research Group, University of Extremadura, Spain for a research visit. Miguel is in the final stages of his PhD and has been continuing to develop his research expertise, with the support of Dr Trish Jackman, within the LSEP team.

Miguel’s PhD is examining team resilience in sport and he is in the final months of preparing his doctoral thesis for submission. During his stay, Miguel has become part of the School of Sport and Exercise Science’s PGR Community and shared his research in a recent seminar. During his visit, a number of new collaborations were developed between Miguel and the LSEP team, which we look forward to seeing progress in the coming months.

Miguel is now returning to Spain, but said of his visit, “My research visit has been a great personal and professional experience. Personally, I have met a lot of nice people, visited beautiful places, and learned about different customs and cultures during these three months. Also, it has been very positive to improve my language skills. Professionally, the LSEP team, especially Dr Trish Jackman, have helped me a lot from the beginning. It has been a pleasure to learn from them during our collaborations and be able to continue working with them for the next few months. I have no words to describe my gratitude.”

We wish Miguel all the best in the coming months as he prepares to submit his doctoral thesis and look forward to collaborating with Miguel and colleagues in the ACAFYDE Research Group in future.


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