Lincolnshire Workplace Challenge evaluation report completed

workplace challenge 2Recently members of the HART team completed an evaluation of the Lincolnshire Workplace Challenge (WPC) in partnership with Lincolnshire Sport. The team included Evaluation officer and Postgraduate student Alice Carter and her supervisory team Dr. Adam Evans, Geoff Middleton and Daniel Bishop.

The WPC programme utilised a website resource designed to engage people in employment within local workplaces in physical activity and sport. Employees self-recorded their physical activity over an eight week period online, with points awarded on the programme website for activity completed. The programme sought to promote a peer-challenge culture with the provision of online leader boards and an interactive virtual platform with which to track individual and team progress and to promote competition within and between workplaces.

The report focuses upon three case studies; one centring upon a workplace in the private sector, one in the public sector, and a case study of individual participants who took part in the challenge without affiliation to a larger workplace. Key findings suggested that the frequency and strength of both embodied and ‘virtual’ relationships helped to define participants’ experiences in different ways. Moreover, gatekeepers within each workplace helped to define the manner in which engagement with the programme occurred. The report also makes a number of recommendations regarding future best practice.

Further results from the study will be presented by Alice at the QRSE conference at Loughborough University this September. Updates to follow!


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