HART publication: Ageing and leisure

LSHART team member Dr. Adam Evans, together with Mike Sleap of the University of Hull, recently published work focusing upon older adults’ lifelong memories of aquatic physical activity in Leisure Studies Journal. The paper presents data based upon interview with older adults about their embodied recollections of aquatic activity throughout their lifetimes, together with data obtained through a systematic review of policy and provision changes in aquatic leisure in the United Kingdom during this time. Results demonstrated that participants were cognizant of
changes in provision and envisaged purpose of aquatic activity during their lifetimes and that previous embodied experiences of aquatic activity contoured present perceptions and helped participants rationalise their experiences in the present context. In particular, negative experiences were recounted in which the olfactory and haptic elements of embodiment were described. The significance of lifelong experiences is discussed in relation to figurational principles, including the interweaving of long-term socialisation and short-term, magnified moments and their effects on habitus development.

The paper can be found here.

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