New publications for Lincoln Sport and Exercise Psychology Team

HART StaffThe end of 2020 sees publication successes for colleagues in  Lincoln Sport and Exercise Psychology Research and HART: Dr Patricia Jackman and Rebecca Hawkins, alongside Nottingham Trent University’s Dr Julie Johnston and Emily Dargue, recently published a systematic review on flow in youth sport, physical activity, and physical education in Psychology of Sport and Exercise. As the largest systematic review of literature on flow in physical activity to date and the first in youth participants, the review highlights conceptual and methodological issues in the field, whilst also proposing exciting avenues for further research in the area. This article was also discussed as part of a recent podcast on the “The Physical Activity Researcher” show, hosted by HART Associate Member, Dr Noora Ronkainen. Dr Jackman also co-authored another recently published paper in Psychology of Sport and Exercise led by Dr Amy Whitehead (Liverpool John Moore’s University) that produced a framework of cognitive processes during competitive golf using the Think Aloud method (click here for free access to this article until January 25 2021).

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