Great Start to 2022 for Lincoln Sport and Exercise Psychology (LSEP) Researchers

It has been a tremendous start to 2022 for LSEP researchers, with numerous publications for members of our team. We include a brief description of some successes to date this year.

Recent graduate, Dr Rachel Langbein (supervised by Dr Trish Jackman, Prof Jaqui Allen-Collinson, and Dr Daniel Martin), published her study, “’It’s hard to find balance when you’re broken’: Exploring female endurance athletes’ psychological experience of recovery from relative energy deficiency in sport (RED-S)” in Performance Enhancement and Health. This study offered novel insights into the complex nature of recovery from RED-S.

Dr Matthew Bird and colleagues published a paper titled, “A qualitative analysis of novice and expert mental performance consultants’ professional philosophies” in Journal of Applied Sport Psychology. This study used Poczwardowski et al.’s hierarchical structure of professional philosophy as a guiding framework, identifying similarities and differences between novice and expert practitioners.

Three researchers in our team, Dr Trish Jackman, Rebecca Hawkins, and Ollie Williamson, recently co-authored a paper led by Honorary Visiting Fellow of the College of Social Science, A/Prof Christian Swann, published in leading journal, Health Psychology Review. This paper, titled “The (over)use of SMART goals for physical activity promotion: A narrative review and critique”, was a collaborative project involving researchers based in Australia (South Cross University, University of Wollongong, University of New South Wales), America (Iowa State University), and the UK (University of Lincoln). This paper is available open access via this link.

Finally, Dr Trish Jackman and colleagues’ methodological paper on event-focused interviews in Qualitative Research in Sport, Exercise and Health was recently published in Volume 14, Issue 2 of this journal. The paper is available to read and download via this link.

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