A Successful PhD Defence for Jo Blackwell

Jo Blackwell successfully defended her PhD last September and confirmation of her award was made earlier this year. Her PhD was a dual studentship between Lincoln and the University of Copenhagen, and explored the socio-cultural influences on exercise and health along the cardiac patient journey. The study produced important findings concerning how decisions are made about accessing health care, participation in physical activity and rehabilitation programmes, and recovery journeys following cardiac events. Her study was supervised by Dr Hannah Henderson, Professor Emerita Jacquelyn Allen-Collinson, and Dr Adam Evans (Copenhagen).

She hopes to be able to publish some of her work, something that will start with a currently in press book chapter for an edited anthology brought together by sociology of sport and physical culture scholars David Andrews, Holly Thorpe and Josh Newman.

Jo now works as a Research Associate at Lincoln in the School of Health and Social Care and is currently working on several health and social care research projects. She continues her association with HART, as well as now also joining the Healthy Ageing Research group, working collaboratively with colleagues across the research groups.

It is great that the University and HART have been able to retain Jo’s knowledge and support her continued career in research.

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