Research on workplace weight-loss programme

SnipImageHART members, Hannah Henderson and Geoff Middleton, have recently published research that highlights results from a workplace-based weight loss programme for employees working in the private and public sectors. The project was undertaken alongside a number of colleagues from the commercial weight loss company, ‘Slimming World’ (Jenny Barber, Dr Jacquie Lavin and Dr Sarah Hillier), and HART Associate, Dr Richard Keegan from the University of Canberra, Australia.  The article demonstrates the results from an intervention trial studying the effects of the participant experience of the Slimming World programme. You can find details of the publication here.

The full reference for the chapter is: Barber, J., Hillier, S. E., Middleton, G., Keegan, R., Henderson, H., & Lavin, J. (2015). Providing weight management via the workplace. International Journal of Workplace Health Management, 8(3), 230-243.

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